Safe and secure environment in school

A safe and secure environment is vital for students of all ages. It is so because it helps them develop and maintain their focus towards studies. The importance of safety requires equal attention when it comes to school. ‘Safe School’ aims to guide schools in providing safety to students and teachers along with other staff at the school from various natural and man-made disasters including floods, earthquakes, fire, violence, harassment, and substance use.

Students are the future of a nation, but a threatening environment will severely impact the academic performance of these rising stars. Research studies prove that students who feel unsafe at school are more likely to show the worst performance in their academic life. Therefore, the importance of safety is also significant when it comes to the grades of students.

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We are India’s only company that provide risk management solution to schools. Our team led by experts, each one of them have real world experience and core domain knowledge in school operations, homeland security, counterterrorism, health & safety, crisis management & emergency response. Our consultants are not only well qualified, but they are also approachable and good at listening.They will take the time to get to know your school operations;they will then build on what you do well and help you to do better where you are not so strong.

what we do

We have been supporting schools to manage complex security, Health & Safety issues and crisis events that threaten student, staff, assets, school operations and reputations. Our exclusive partnership with schools brings unparalleled security, health & Safety, and crisis management capability.

“Safe School programme” A unique risk management solution.

The Safe School programme is designed to support schools with the management of complex issues throughout the readiness,response and recovery phases during crisis and daily operations.