Safe and secure environment in school

Safe School Risk Management holds expertise in the identification, assessment, and risk mitigation of educational institutes. We understand that schools face a wide range of risks including but not limited to:

  • Physical Risks -Safety & Security
  • Psychological Risks -Mental well -being & child protection
  • Medical Risks -Fatal injuries & other medical conditions

  • We work closely with school administrators, educators, and other stakeholders to develop customized risk management plans tailored to the school's unique requirements.

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    why only us

    We are India’s only company that provides risk management solutions to schools. Collaborating with us enhances the institution's reputation and demonstrates a commitment to safety. Our presence allows educational institutions to focus on their core responsibilities as we not only identify risk areas but also provide tailored solutions. Our passionate team consists of subject matter experts who have more than a decade of work experience with education institutes and they ensure schools get the best support needed to build safe learning environments.

    what we do

    We have been supporting schools to manage complex security, Health & Safety issues and crisis events that threaten student, staff, assets, school operations and reputations. Our exclusive partnership with schools brings unparalleled security, health & Safety, and crisis management capability.

    “Safe School programme” A unique risk management solution.

    The Safe School programme is designed to support schools with the management of complex issues throughout the readiness,response and recovery phases during crisis and daily operations.