SafeSchool Programme

"SafeSchool Programme" is a customized solution which guides and supports schools in handling issues related to safety, security and related compliance. This programme enables schools to achieve a satisfactory level of understanding and preparedness related to health & safety, it develops muscle memory to mitigate and handle issues that if not dealt properly within the time frame may turn into crises.


Our core objective is to provide comprehensive risk management solutions for all the stakeholders of the school. We enable educational institutes to focus on their core mission of providing quality education and nurturing their students by effectively managing risks.

how it works

There are four stages in which we support and guide schools:


Our team of experts conducts a risk assessment of the school. We review policies and procedures related to Security, Health and Safety. By meeting educators, administrators, support staff and students, we understand the preparedness and scope for improvement in various areas


Our team of experts conduct mock drills with the help of school administration to test the crisis management plan and role of individuals. Drills also help us test the effectiveness of emergency response plans, operational capability and equipment status.


After assessing the school’s specific requirements, our team conducts training for educators, administrative and support staff.


Based on the assessment of drills, we recalibrate and conduct recap training to achieve a satisfactory level of response readiness.